Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and positive experience in the Canadian Rockies that promotes personal growth, discovery and adventure. Timberline Academy strives to deliver an educational environment in which students learn the necessary skills required to work and build a career in the Canadian ski and snowboard industry.

Who Are We

Timberline Academy is a thriving outdoor adventure program located in the heart of beautiful Banff National Park. Silhouetted by the immense Rocky Mountains, Banff’s logging and railroad heritage is enriched by art galleries, boutiques, and endless green space preserved by the National Parks of Canada. Banff is one of the most healthy and active communities in western Canada offering an abundance of outdoor and fitness activities year round. The natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains encourages visitors and locals alike to take full advantage of the various skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountaineering opportunities at their doorstep.

What We Do

Timberline’s Banff operation offers a comprehensive work-placement program, as well as a thorough 12-week Winter Skills Semester designed to focus on the most important skills required to succeed in the Canadian ski and snowboard industry. With these certifications and experiences our students are able to jump directly into employment in the leisure and recreation industry. Timberline’s program consists of a tight knit group of 30 students. This enables us to be personally in touch with each individual, yet large enough to offer a broad range of certifications and experiences for each and every student to benefit from. Through the combination of authentic Canadian hospitality and world-class leadership, Timberline’s students realize potential never dreamed of before.

Scholarships and bursaries are also available to students who display exceptional enthusiasm to pursuing a life in the Canadian outdoors (please contact us for further details).

Why Us

There are two factors that separate Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy from similar programs operating in Banff National Park.

The first is that Timberline is run by Canadians local to Banff and is based out of the town of Banff itself. Timberline’s owners are young and energetic outdoors enthusiasts who live in Banff and have held senior positions at Mount Norquay’s ski school as well as roles at Lake Louise Ski Resort. Furthermore, Timberline’s owners are present throughout the entire length of the program. From the moment you arrive in Calgary until the snow melts, the owners are on-call in person 24/7. This allows our clients to have a more enriched and authentic Canadian experience while also providing a level of support that cannot be matched.

The second factor is that Timberline’s clients are given more value for their investment. Because Timberline is based out of Banff we have been able to build strong relationships and partnerships with other businesses in the region over the years. This allows us to offer more activities, certifications and expeditions than any other company. At Timberline we want to share what we love about our home in the Rockies with as many young and enthusiastic people as possible. So what are you waiting for? Come to Banff and Experience, Discover, Live!

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