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Winter Skills Instructor Internship Program

November 15, 2018 – May 21, 2019


Spend a full season in Banff working as a certified Ski/Snowboard Instructor. This program incorporates a wide range of ski/snowboard training, certifications and expeditions over an entire winter season in the Canadian Rockies. Students are also able to put their training to use while working as paid interns at ski schools in Banff. The Instructor Internship Program is an accredited post-secondary certificate program in the Province of Alberta. Students may earn credits on this program to put towards a post-secondary degree.


12-Week Ski/Snowboard Instructor Course CSIA/CASI Level 1 & 2

January 4, 2019 – March 31, 2019


The 12-Week Ski/Snowboard Instructor Course is designed for someone looking to dramatically improve their Skiing or Snowboarding in a fun, team-based environment during their first season here in Banff. This program incorporates a wide range of ski/snowboard training including CASI/CSIA Level 1 & 2 along with All-Mountain Training.

Timberline Academy is local to Banff so students can expect to participate in several ski expeditions throughout the Rockies and earn certifications related to the Outdoor Adventure Industry as a whole.


4-Week Instructor Clinic CSIA/CASI Level 1

November/December 2018 | January 2019 | April 2019


The 4-Week Instructor Clinic is designed for students looking for a fun and professional ski/snowboard training experience in a relatively brief amount of time. This program focuses on improving our students’ skills to achieve the CSIA/CASI Level 1 standard. Students will have the opportunity to leverage their training and experience with Timberline into instructing positions both within Banff and around the globe.



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Group Expeditions

If you’re going to come all the way to our home in the Canadian Rockies, let’s go and see as much of it as possible through our expeditions to other Canadian ski areas!


All of our students live in fully furnished apartments in the town of Banff. It is important to us that all of our students are able to cook and live independent, healthy lifestyles. No hostels, no hotels.

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